Monday, December 19, 2011

Useful French Vocabulary

Here are some of the vocabulary that I needed during my recent trip to Belgium and France. These are not readily available in any phrase book, but can be easily constructed using your existing vocabulary.

Où est la pizza que j'ai commandé? – where is the pizza I ordered?
Quel est le nom de la station suivante? – what is the name of the next station?
La prochaine station est Liège? – Is the next station Liège?
Le train aller à Liège? – Does this train go to Liège?
Quand est le prochain train pour Liège? – When is the next train for Liège?
Le ticket est valable pour ICE aussi? – Is the ticket valid for ICE also?

Quand vous allez devenir un docteur? – When will you become a doctor?

The query regarding Pizza was needed in a small but very comfortable hotel in a tiny town in France. This hotel did not have its own restaurant, but placed an order to a nearby Pizzeria on request. I needed the rest of the language during my frequent train trips within Belgium.
The last question was addressed to a young girl who was reading probability and Statistics, and claimed that she was studying to become a doctor.
"10 years," was the answer.
10 years???
I think there was some miscommunication here.

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